Cecilia Elizondo

Cecilia Elizondo

PhD Student

Instituto Polítecnico Nacional

México DF


About me

1.Nacionality: Argentina (15 years of residence in Mexico)

2. Education: PhD Candidate on “Ciencias en Conservación del Patrimonio Paisajístico, IPN-CIIEMAD”. She’s got a Master Degree on “Ciencias en Recursos Naturales y Desarrollo Rural, en El Colegio de la Frontera Sur de México (Scholarship WWF, Honorific Mention ECOSUR)”. Her first Degree is on Environmental Sciences, “Licenciatura en Ciencias Ambientales (Universidad Católica de Salta, Argentina)”

3. Languages: Speak, read and talk Spanish and English (read French and Italian).

4. Professional records: She is got almost 30 years working on Conservation Activities, from NGOs, Government, and Research Center; 14 years in Argentina and 15 in Mexico.

13 years in México (2002 to the present day): Since 2012 she is the Scientific Secretary of the Mexican Association of Botanic Gardens. And since 2006, is the Manager of the Botanical Garden ECOSUR "Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin" (currently on live to study the PhD). She is Specialist Advisor at the Committee for the implementation of the Mexican Strategy for Biological Conservation, and at the Strategy for Plant Conservation. Also works to stablish a network of Community Conservation Areas in Southern Mexico. She participated in the evaluation of the SGP (UNDP Program in Mexico) at the Yucatan Peninsula, and on the Identification of successful experiences in the areas of Mesoamerican Biological Corridor -MBC- (UNDP 2001). She was Member of the Mexico’s Mesoamerican Biological Corridor –CBMM- Quintana Roo’s State Committee, 2004-2010.  During 2002 to 2006 she was member of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation (SMBC) Board, and the Secretariat of the Belize Mexico Alliance for Management Coastal Common Resource (BEMAMCCOR) 2004-2006. Since 2002 began in ECOSUR Chetumal, as the liaison person at the Chetumal Campus.

12 years in Argentina (1988-2000): She was an Advisor at National level of both: Secretary of Natural Resources and Secretary of Public Service. Member of the Argentine Committee of IUCN 1992-1999. She participated in the preparation of the National Biodiversity Strategy; the Preliminary Study for the creation of the Environmental Fund (IDB). She created the Argentine Youth Environmental Program, and the National Register for NGOs in Argentina (Red Nacional de Organizaciones no Gubernamentales Ambientalistas “RENOA”). During the same time she was also in charge of the environmental Office of an NGO in Buenos Aires (Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral Económico y Social, “DiES”).

My interests

Community Conserved Areas


Mining Reclamation

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