Marlen Navarro Boulandier

Marlen Navarro Boulandier

Coordinator of Seed Programme

Research Station on Grass and Forages "Indio Hatuey"



About me

Scientific leader of national’s projects related with (i) the participatory plant breeding and it effect in informal seed production sector and ways to dissemination quality seed of local or improved varieties and (ii) strategies for high quality seed production of new varieties of pasture and forage for Cuban livestock. I am member of the Cuban Technical Group of Seed with energy activities in National Programme of Seed Production. Because, several researches centers in Cuba collaborated with Ministry of Agriculture for making seed programmes, in the definition of seed policies, aims to link between formal and informal seed system in the country and promote innovation in the seed sector. By another side, I am lecturer in national postgraduate courses on Seed Production and Seed Technology and undergraduate courses on Plant Breeding and Seed Production at the School of Agronomy (University of Matanzas "Camilo Cienfuegos").

My interests

Seed Production and Seed Technology

Integrated Seed Sector Development

Entrepreneurship and innovation in the seed sector

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