Methods & Approaches

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M4SDI is not about creating a new set of methods and approaches; rather, M4SDI makes use of existing tried and tested methods and approaches. The choice of methods and approaches used will need to address a particular purpose and connect to context specifics, including stakeholder backgrounds, interests and preferences.

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Below you see a list of topics. Each topic leads to a (non-comprehensive) list of selected methods, approaches and options.

Dealing with change in complex systems
This segment addresses systems thinking and complexity.

Strategic guidance
These methods address situation analysis, stakeholder analysis and strategic planning.

Key orientations
This set of tools and methods is useful for the topics of people orientation: teamwork, dealing with diversity and power; learning orientation and context orientation.

Effective operations
Handles topics such as financial planning and management, human resource management, operational planning and procurement and contract management.

Capacities and conditions
Methods and approaches addressing change management, facilitation, leadership competency, organizational capacity assessment/development, strategic foresight competency and strategic thinking.

Monitoring & evaluation
Tools and approaches in this segment are useful for dealing with M&E approaches and options, data collection, data analysis, critical reflection and sense-making and communicating and reporting M&E findings.

Tools and methods focusing on communication.